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Carissa and Avery's Family Celebration

Feb 29, 2024

  HOW CARISSA MET AVERY Carissa and Avery went to rival high schools here in Colorado, and for a while they knew of each other but were nothing more than acquaintances. Avery went away for college and Carissa began school in Greeley. When...

Britani and Mihaela's Intimate Getaway

Dec 15, 2023

  HOW BRITANI MET MIHAELA Britani and Mihaela’s story allowed them to truly be best friends before anything else. While Britani was part of an online coding boot camp, she met Mihaela, who was living in Seattle at the time. They became...

Alexandra and Jeremiah’s Beach Wedding

Nov 30, 2023

  HOW ALEXANDRA MET JEREMIAH   Alexandra and Jeremiah met in middle school when Jeremiah first moved to Fort Collins. He was the new kid, and according to Alexandra, he was known to be the class clown with a little bit of a rebellious...

Hannah and Daniel’s Family-Filled Day

Nov 16, 2023

  HOW HANNAH MET DANIEL… THE INVISIBLE STRING!   Hannah and Daniel truly were connected before they would meet. For 18 years, Hannah’s dad and Daniel’s uncle worked at the same company. They shared mutual friends,...

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