Britani and Mihaela's Intimate Getaway

Britani and Mihaela's Intimate Getaway

Britani and Mihaela's Intimate Getaway. Mobile Image

Dec 15, 2023



Britani and Mihaela’s story allowed them to truly be best friends before anything else. While Britani was part of an online coding boot camp, she met Mihaela, who was living in Seattle at the time. They became fast friends, and talked almost every day. Fast forward six months, and Mihaela flew to Colorado for her best friend’s birthday. During that trip, Britani and Mihaela met for the first time, and everything clicked. From there, the rest was history. 





Unbeknownst to Britani, Mihaela began planning a proposal with the help of Britani’s mom. They were in constant communication over text, planning the perfect proposal with the help of all of Britani’s family. As Mihaela spent more time on her phone and hiding her messages, Britani began to get suspicious. The next morning, the couple went out for breakfast, where Mihaela decided to move up her proposal plans. They went to Sweetheart Winery, which was a special place for the two of them, with Britani’s aunt and uncle. Britani’s aunt suggested the couple take some pictures, and when Britani turned around after setting down her wine glass, Mihaela was on one knee.




Britani and Mihaela knew when planning their wedding that they wanted it to be a sort of getaway, with only their closest friends and family along. So they chose to get married at the Flamingo in Las Vegas in an stress-free wedding. They got married at the gazebo, which looked like something straight out of a fairytale. Britani’s favorite part of the day was walking down the aisle and seeing Mihaela and her daughter standing at the other end, waiting for her. 





Britani began her dress journey filled with nerves. She was intimidated by the process and anxious that she wouldn’t find something that she loved. But at her first appointment with Dani West, she immediately felt relaxed. She found herself able to really enjoy the experience and have fun with it. When she put on her gown, she knew it was the one she could envision walking down the aisle in. She felt completely like herself, comfortable, and confident. 


Britani’s advice to other brides is to “listen to your gut first and your friends/family afterwards. It is YOUR wedding, YOUR day. You don’t need to appease anybody but yourself and your soon-to-be spouse. Do what’s going to make you happy, not them”