Hannah and Daniel’s Family-Filled Day

Hannah and Daniel’s Family-Filled Day

Hannah and Daniel’s Family-Filled Day. Mobile Image

Nov 16, 2023




Hannah and Daniel truly were connected before they would meet. For 18 years, Hannah’s dad and Daniel’s uncle worked at the same company. They shared mutual friends, followed each other on social media, and Daniel frequently visited the Chick-fil-A that Hannah worked at. It wasn’t until their mutual friends introduced them that their love story began. During their sophomore year of college, they began talking and Hannah immediately knew that she was experiencing a different feeling from anything before. As time went on, everything began to fall into place. 





Daniel and Hannah had a trip planned to San Diego for the 4th of July. Daniel was the coach for Hannah’s brother’s baseball team and they had a tournament out there that provided the perfect opportunity for the two of them to turn it into a vacation. The first trip they had ever taken together had been to San Diego, so Hannah was excited to go back. Before the trip, her sisters took her to get her nails done and scheduled her hair appointment. On the night of the 4th, they went to watch the fireworks along the bay. As Daniel went to grab a jacket, Hannah and her siblings took a photo together. While they were posing for the picture, Daniel knelt behind Hannah with a bouquet of flowers for her and popped the question. Hannah said “Yes!” and the whole crowd celebrated with them.



Having their family and friends be at the center of their wedding was very important to Hannah and Daniel, so the priority was to have fun with all their favorite people. The wedding took place at Ken Caryl Vista with Hannah’s grandfather taking on the role of officiant for them; a memory that Hannah will never forget. Her favorite part of the wedding was the fact that it was finally official: She and Daniel were finally married!





Hannah wore a gown from our Jaydan Grace collection for her big day. She only tried on 6 dresses before she knew she had found the one. She tried a variety of styles, but the dress she ended up choosing was completely different from what she thought she wanted. While she was changing, her mom and sister spotted a dress that they just HAD to see on. When Hannah stepped out in the dress, she immediately knew that it was the one. What made it even more special for Hannah was that it was something her mom and sister had picked out for her, which was perfect for her wedding. 



Hannah’s advice to other brides is to “enjoy the day as much as you can. Try not to stress out too much, and just soak in every possible moment you can.” Hannah and her bridesmaids made their own bouquets the day before the wedding, and that was something that helped her to take in the moment and really enjoy the time with her girls. “This is something that isn’t going to happen again, so live in the moment.”


Congratulations Hannah and Daniel! We are wishing you two a lifetime of love and happiness!


*Photography by Bree Claire Photography*