Designer Spotlight: Sorella Vita

Designer Spotlight: Sorella Vita

Sorella Vita recognizes the important role a woman’s bridesmaids play in her life as more than just friends: your bridesmaids are women you’ve chosen to stand next to you while you make a lifelong commitment, and are women you love and trust and value deeply in your life. In Italian, sorella vita roughly translates to “sisters for life,” which embodies their ideals as a brand. With this in mind, Sorella Vita designs bridesmaids dresses in colors and styles you and your girls will both love—from sleek, modern styles to all-over sequins and classic, simple bridesmaid looks. 

For Traditional Brides

8964 by Sorella Vita



If you’re a bride who loves timeless styles, this sleek, satin design is perfect. The classic silhouette and cap sleeve are universally flattering, so your girls will love it, while the overall look is timeless and chic and will go great with the look and feel of your wedding.



For Brides Who Love Glamour

9060 by Sorella Vita



If you want a touch of sparkle at your wedding, this dress covered in Art Deco-inspired sequins is perfect. The subtle shimmer will add the perfect touch of sparkle to your bridal party. We especially love this design used in mismatched bridal parties, as it adds a certain touch of glamour to the color palette.



For Brides Who Want a Pop of Color

9258 by Sorella Vita



Looking for something simple and flattering that will add a pop of color to your wedding day? This classic, simple style is perfect: the spaghetti straps and crossing back add the perfect amount of visual interest, while the flowing skirt and simple cut will please the entire bridal party. This dress will add the perfect pop of color without overpowering the entire wedding.



For Boho Brides

9298 by Sorella Vita



Love the look of something flowy and easygoing, in a neutral earth tone that will complement your wedding beautifully? This style is it! The off-the-shoulder straps add the perfect touch of ethereal boho grace, perfect for boho-style weddings. This style also has a subtle slit, giving the skirt even more movement that looks incredible at outdoor ceremonies. 

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