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The Boutique

There is no better setting in which brides can relax and enjoy making memories of a lifetime than in our upscale…yet down to earth…bridal boutique. We call our décor uniquely “Colorado-ey.” We’ve mixed woods, metals, and earth-tone colors to enrich and mimic a Colorado “feel.” Maybe a little western, rustic, yet a lot of modern romantic chic.

Come and experience our family of stylists that really care about each and every detail. We aspire to show you our warm hospitality, our desire to make every detail “just right” for you and your celebration.

“The dress is the single most important garment a women will ever purchase to express herself.”

~Wendy Rivera, Nationally known Bridal Consultant

The Experience

The core of our mission is to place the needs of each customer above everything else. We value relationships. When a bride or anyone else comes through our door we want you to feel valued, cared for, cared about, and celebrated. We want to earn your trust. Whatever type of event you are planning…if it’s important to you…it’s important to us! We believe in capturing and celebrating life’s moments as they happen. We believe you’ll cherish the moments of this unique shopping experience for “The dress” for years to come. You’ve dreamed of it for years…why not savor and enjoy the moments and we will help you. We provide the environment, the selection, and the hospitality so that you can relax and enjoy the celebration!

We Love Being A
Part Of Your Story!