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About Dani West


Dani West Bridal Boutique is the culmination of life’s experiences of owner; Patty Westenbroek.


Born and raised in Boulder Colorado (A true Native) Patty brings an authentic understanding to the culture and spirit of Colorado customers.


While Patty attained a Master’s Degree in Special Education and taught for many years, she is most “herself” when she can integrate her teaching skills, her love for fashion and relationship into an entrepreneurial environment.


Dani West Bridal isn’t the only business Patty has owned. For over 10 years, Patty built a direct sales business called Premier Designs Jewelry where she learned about fashion, building teams, and growing relationships with women. Currently, Patty is co-owner together with her husband Dan, of an Electrical Contracting Company; called Tri-Stone Electric.


The name for the boutique came quickly and directly from husband and love of her life; Daniel Westenbroek. Patty and Dan met as kids. However, love didn’t find them until both had been down very different paths and each had been previously married. Married in 2000, Patty and Dan love how easy it is to count their happily married years together.


Patty and Dan have three beautiful daughters who each contribute their unique finger print to what makes Dani West Bridal so special.


We hope that when you walk through our doors you will feel the love that has brought this business to life. Since we have shared our love story…we can’t wait to hear your love story! We also want to add you to our Dani West Bridal family…


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