Annual Dani West Bride Reunion

Annual Dani West Bride Reunion


July 21


We will be hosting a “Dani West Re-Union!” This event will be purely celebratory. DWBB brides who have been married will be invited to participate in our uniquely Dani West fashion show and model their dresses. So fun! We will also feature local wedding professionals such as Catering Companies, DJ’s, Lighting & Sound, Photographers, Bakery,  Florist, Vendues, etc. This is event is FREE! It will be a blast.


Join us for the second annual Dani West Bridal Boutique  Reunion! Come celebrate with past, present & future Dani West Brides & friends! If you're married, you'll be invited to particiate in our unique Dani West fashion show & model your Dani West Dress. We're also featuring local wedding professionals of different Catering Companies, DJs, Lighting & Sound, Photographers, Bakeries, Florists, Vendues, etc. This event is free, & we can't WAIT to see you there! ✨